It’s been a week where my Mesothelioma has been very much at the front of Alison’s & my thoughts! 

Last Thursday I was privileged to be invited to share my journey at UKATA AGM (UK Asbestos Training Association), at East Midlands Airport.  There were representatives from across the Asbestos  industry, mostly those that train others to increase awareness of Asbestos and the dangers it can cause.  The feedback was overwhelming and hopefully it will inspire those present to continue the great work they do.  It was fitting this was the day before Annual Action Mesothelioma Day, with many articles/events highlighting awareness of this awful disease and our thoughts go out to all those who are less fortunate than me and have lost their lives. 

Today was my 6 monthly Xray and appointment at Wythenshaw NW Lung Centre. We are hugely relieved to share that the Xray was clear and it gives us another 6month break and back in Jan 2020! 

Waiting for the appointment these last few days, walking into the hospital, sat waiting in the waiting room brings all the sickness feeling flooding back and the what ifs and maybes! I’m unlucky to have the disease (we still get odd looks/comments in the waiting room that we are so young!) but so lucky to be showing no signs of the disease currently!
It was Joshua’s 12th birthday celebrations last weekend (due to exams interfering end of June for him!) & Erin is 10 in October – we’re just so thankful that I’m here to share in their lives still which certainly did not seem at all imaginable after diagnosis. 
Please do still continue to spread awareness yourselves about the danger of asbestos. It’s in 700 UK primary schools still, it’s in hospitals, libraries too and if we can prevent  even just 1 person going through anything like we have, then it’s worth it. 
Tomorow Erins school is raising money for Cancer Research UK. Each child will be running 2k, and raising valuable funds to help find a cure for Cancer. We do appreciate many of you have already kindly donated previously & continue to do so as sadly cancer impacts everyone of us, but If you are able to donate it would be very much appreciated. 
Thanks for all your continued support
Dave & Ali xx

5 thoughts on “Relief

  1. You are and always will both be a great inspiration 💞💞💞 so happy for you all ❤️
    I’m ready for Race for Life come rain or shine 💪🏼

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    1. Wonderful news, I have followed your for the past few months. My husband Terry was diagnosed in January. Its quite a journey. We send our best wishes to you and your family xx

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  2. Hi Dave and Ali. Thank you very much for your update and pleased to hear you are going on ok especially in these strange times. Because of our age we also have to be careful,not like yourself Dave, but we manage to have a walk each day, weather permitting and are very lucky to have a dis-used railway line at the back of our estate which we have used and still do so – we can walk down to a little village and have a cup of coffee or something at a cafe which is very useful. The lady who owns the cafe set up the cafe a number of years ago as a trial place and it is very useful and gets very busy sometimes with fishermen as there is a small pond for fishing nearby.

    Christmas of course this year will be very strange as we are not able to meet our friends and more to the point family….but we will have to do what they tell us. Hope the family are keeping well no doubt Erin and Josh will be finding it difficult too. We were pleased to meet up with Karen, Simon, Phoebe and Charlotte the other week at Chatsworth and then I believe they met up with Ali.

    We have made a donation to Meso charity as you requested and are very pleased to do so every little helps we are sure..

    Hope both sides of your family are keeping well and you will be able to have a Christmas time as best as we all can.

    God bless you all, take care and look after each other.

    Lots of Love Kath and Alan xx 💞

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