Monthly Archives: September 2017

£12,474.38 – WOW

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone for your very generous donations towards Mesothelioma UK & BLF. We have raised an incredible £12,474.38 which is absolutely amazing. I never dreamt we could raise this amount of money or awareness so thank you.

The ride itself was amazing. Seeing family & friends around the route, along with all the crowds definitely helped spur us on. The last 20 miles were very tough, with legs & other bodily parts aching…… but the support of the crowds, knowing family & friends were at the finish line, along with thoughts of “I have been through much worse”, inspired me to finish. There was no way I was giving up, even if I had to be carried over the line!

To finish riding down the mall and seeing Ali & the kids was a very proud & emotional moment!

I now have the cycling bug, and have signed up to complete 100 miles around Birmingham on Sept 23rd. This is to ensure I keep the fitness going and hopefully to keep raising the awareness (and money if you haven’t donated, and are able to).

On the 13th October, Ali & I will be guest speakers at the National Mesothelioma UK Patient & career day. It will be a first for us! A double act sharing our journey as patient and carer with the aim of helping & inspiring others.

Thanks for all your continued support it means so much to us all.

Lots of love

Dave, Ali Josh & Erin.