Monthly Archives: February 2018

6 Months

Hi all, it’s quite fitting on World Cancer Day, that I share some fabulous news. For the first time in 4 years (Pre-diagnosis with biopsies etc not knowing it was Meso) I have gone from 3-month checkups or less to 6months!!!! My Oncologist re-confirmed my recent results and advised the lymph gland now 12mm (previously 19mm)and no concerns on the abdomen! It now means we can relax and avoid scan anxiety for awhile! He advised 1 CT scan has the equivalent radiation of 50 X-rays, and since I have had many CT scans, we need to be careful! In addition my scans over the last 12 months have thrown up some red-herrings that have caused more scan anxiety than required. Thus, next visit is August, and that’s only an X-ray!

As I write this though we know we are fortunate, there are many others who unfortunately are undergoing treatment, or sadly haven’t got such positive news, some of whom we have become good friends with. We send our very best wishes, this Mesothelioma, as-well as all cancers certainly are a rollercoaster!

We are extremely grateful to all the medical experts and carers whom continue to work so hard for all cancers. Here’s to more research, treatment & a cure!!!

Dave & Ali