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Mesothelioma Awareness Day

Today is Mesothelioma Awareness day and I attended a moving ceremony in Albert square, with about 150 people who have either lost loved ones or currently suffering with this awful disease. A lady told us her story of loosing her husband (aged 60) within 12 months of diagnosis and 3 MPs spoke about the need for more research, removing it safely from all buildings & schools, and raising awareness of the dangers of asbestos.

Therefore, I thought this is a good opportunity to give an update and spread awareness;

Currently alls very well, I am symptom free and one of the few lucky ones.  Life is good (just struggling a bit with 1 lung & the heat but us British always love to say something on the weather!), kids are keeping us busy and we are enjoying spending time with family and friends. My next Scan is in August, and now we are at six monthly scans, it helps so much to avoid the scan anxiety. Some days I even forget I have it and I so wish that could be the same for all Meso Warriors.

Last week, I was asked to do a 10 minute video for the British Lung Foundation, who were holding the first conference of a Mesothelioma Research Network, bringing together researchers and healthcare professionals from across the country.  As well as telling them my journey I was asked:

“What message do you have for scientists and healthcare professionals who are researching mesothelioma and treating people who have this condition?”I have attached this and please share far & wide for awareness (It was a last minute request as unfortunately a Meso warrior was not well enough to attend, I did this in 1 take quickly in my lunch break so apologies in advance)!

Unfortunately not everyone is aware of the dangers of asbestos and think “it won’t happen to me”! Very sadly death from mesothelioma is still on the increase. In the UK, it is still present in 85% of schools, no asbestos is safe asbestos and more people die from Mesothelioma in the UK than on the UK roads!

Please, please do all you can to help find a cure, and do everything possible to prevent you, family, friends & anyone else, being exposed to asbestos. It is not worth the risk!

At this time we think of those who are no longer with us, their family and friends and current Meso patients worldwide. Dave & Alison Staley xx