Monthly Archives: August 2018

Summer Scan


Just a quick update to share fantastic news; I had an X-ray today (first one in 6months) and a follow up appointment. The Oncologist advises X-ray is clear, and he doesn’t want to see me again for another 6 months! Such a huge relief! Scan anxiety is still horrendous!

We had a good conversation with our oncologist who took time out to discuss how we were both feeling and coping. I advised days go by now when I do forget I have it, but then it unfortunately hits home when fellow Meso warriors are either passing away or going through more treatment. We also discussed current trials and how compared to 10 years ago there are a lot more trials and the potentials of immunotherapy. Encouraging signs but still a lot of research to go! However there is hope, I believe one day it will be cured and hopefully I will be around to see that!

Currently I am one of the more fortunate ones nearly 3 years on from diagnosis! We’ve had a lovely summer celebrating my dads 70th, my In-laws Golden Wedding Anniversary, we’ve just had a great family holiday, I get to see Joshua finish primary school and shortly start high school and Erin turn 9 soon! None of these milestones seemed possible at the end of October 2015!

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible” Francis of Assisi

Lots of love, continued thanks to family & friends and our best wishes to fellow Meso warriors and those impacted by cancer.

Dave & Ali x