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18 Months on!

18 months on from diagnosis, and according to average statistics for mesothelioma, unfortunately less than 40% make it past this point. However each and everyone of us Meso Warriors are different, and I have never believed this statistic would be me, I wouldn’t let it. You only have to look at the inspirational Lou Williams who sadly passed away this week after 14years of battling this awful disease, yet raising so much awareness.

I had my CT scan last week, and today was results day! It has been a very anxious/stressful wait and although we are getting used to this ‘new normal’ it never gets easier when you pull up outside the hospital! However, the wait at the hospital was helped by seeing two other Meso Warriors and their partners whom we got to know @ chemo, both looking extremely well. Thank you for helping to keep us calm and distracted and we wish you all a great well deserved holiday.

Well, it was good news – the scan results show the 1 lymph node has decreased from 11mm to 9mm. There are currently no other signs of the cancer, they say the Lymph node is not a significant concern at present, and may be a result from my major surgery still. We know we will never get the all clear but words cannot describe how much this means to us. It is a huge huge relief. I will still go back in 3 months but this time for for an X-ray and follow up.

So over the last few months of having completed the pulmonary rehab course (highly recommend for all Meso Warriors, no matter what stage/age you are), I have started cycling. More will be revealed, but I am planning to raise money by completing the London Ride 100 in July! 100 miles starting at the Olympic Stadium, across the Surrey hills, climbing a total over 4000ft (leith Hill & boxhill), and finishing along the mall! I was so inspired last year supporting my brother in law Simon & Alison’s best mate Emma complete this and back then I was so determined this was something I had to do, so this is my goal. Supporting me will be my long time great mate Steve & Simon. Watch this space!

I couldn’t have done any of this without the support of my wonderful wife. Over the last 18 months she has been an absolute rock. Not only supporting me and the kids but working full time, and in April this year been rewarded with a promotion to HR Director EMEA. To do this as well as everything else going on, is a massive achievement and one that makes me so very proud, and how lucky I am that she said ” I do” almost 13 years ago.

That’s the soppy stuff over with. Apologies in advance as you will be hearing lots more from me to help raise funds now over the next few months. If anyone has any ideas, or wants to help with fundraising /publicity please do let me know.

Thanks again for all your continued support to Ali & I & for helping with our kids too whom are doing so well and make us proud. My diagnosis is still very difficult at many times for us and it really makes us appreciate every day. Thank you to you all, it is very much appreciated.

Dave & Ali xx