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Meso Update

Hope everyone is managing to stay safe & well and all have had good festive celebrations?

Quick update as many of you have kindly asked: After my last update in October when we unfortunately found out my Meso had returned, we had meetings with various specialists to determine the best approach. It was agreed by all that it was best to wait for the next scan & see how the cancer progresses. Options would be immunotherapy or chemotherapy, not any further surgery.

It’s not easy to deal with ‘watch & wait’, it is very tough when you know you have cancer inside you but it has spurred me on to get back exercising again with Pilates, indoor cycling – zwift etc (& stops Ali nagging me to do so!!! ). I am also attending weekly counselling which was tough at start as thought provoking but I’ve stuck with it & it’s starting to help. Some days are better than others. Like the saying now with COVID, its been a sharp reminder that we need to learn to live with my Meso too!

I had my scan on 12th Dec and results day was last Thursday 13th Jan. Great news in that the cancer is stable & following further discussion with my Oncologist yesterday they have advised no treatment still due its size and back in 3 months for another scan. With Meso you don’t get many attempts at treatment and so we need to save it for the right time!!

One unknown thou is the scan picked up a blood clot in the Splenic Vein which needs further investigation. So we’re awaiting again, but as I’m not suffering any side effects I’m trying to stay positive. Also, I’ve now ‘ultra boosted’ my immune system in that I’ve just had COVID! Not something we wanted and that has bought its own anxiety, but have been very fortunate, in that as far as were aware it hasn’t got to my one lung so that’s good!

Thanks again for all your love & support 

Dave & Ali