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Quick Update

Thank you so much for your very kind wishes and messages of support for today – a different kind of Valentine’s day (though typically we would normally be at work so at least we saw each other today)!!

Apologies for the brief update, it’s been a long day but we got more clarity from this appointment which was helpful! Our surgeon reviewed the CT scan and he said my remaining lung looked good and so too do the lymph nodes. He couldn’t see the nodule that the radiologist had reported, but unfortunately he also didn’t have that report to analyse it further. He recommended a PET scan to review it further and we are back with our regular Oncologist locally Thursday, so we will request this.

Our surgeon reiterated to me that I am on borrowed time, I should literally wake up and say “s*** I’m alive” and literally live each day like it’s my last as the mesothelioma will return, it’s just a question of when!

Its very very hard to hear this, but it’s what we’ve been adjusting too now since the diagnosis 14 months ago so we just continue to take each day as it comes, be very grateful for it and take great strength from yourselves as our family and friends and from other survivor stories too.

Thank you so very much for your continued support, it honestly means so much to us both.
Dave & Ali x

Scan Results Feb 2017

Hi All

Thanks for your kind wishes for today. Ive had my CT scan results and they have reported a growth from 5mm (June 16) to 11mm in a nodule that they have found. They advise it’s not big enough to warrant treatment currently but we will now need to have a scan in 3months to see if there is any further growth. When asked if it was cancerous they can’t say either way.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t give us any answers about this growth, because we were unable to see our regular Oncologist (whose on a well deserved holiday) and so now, after feeling so strong and positive recently, we are very anxious.

I asked why the nodule wasn’t mentioned previously and she advised it was probably because it was so small and there nothing to compare it to. They also advised the CT scan was noisy, but couldn’t say why or what impact this would have.

We now await an appointment with Mr Waller in Leicester on the 14th (very Romantic!), and hoping he will be able to tell us more. We were always advised it would come back and we try to stay positive, but it is very difficult at times and we were at least hoping for a 6month CT scan break this time!

We do still hold hope though that if this nodule is the start of it again, it is caught early enough, I’m being monitored, and hopefully with all the trials going on & immunotherapy, a cure will be found soon.

We will update once we know more. No doubt tomorrow we will feel better. There are many ups and downs in life and we have had more Ups. That’s what I am holding onto and making sure we have more ups going forward!

Lots of love
Dave & Ali
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