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ITV Granada News…

Training has been going really well (except for odd blip of nasty stomach bug these last 2 days) and I’m up for the challenge this Sunday! Ali & I did a tough emotional 30 minute interview with ITV to raise awareness to remove asbestos from buildings as no asbestos is safe! It is still in up to 85% of our UK schools and it’s a myth that untouched asbestos is safe! I’m not sure when it is on this week @ 6pm but here it is:

A massive thank you for all donations so far, with an incredible £6k raised. If you haven’t yet donated and would like to please click on the following link.

Last week I had an X-ray and all was good. Back in August/Sept for a CT scan which will be the true test.

Thanks for all your amazing support.



2 Weeks to go

Today was the last “big training ride” before the Ride100 in 2 weeks. It’s now rest and a few short rides to keep the legs ticking over.

There are so many of you to thank on this journey, but just want to mention a few:

My wonderful wife(& kids) for being very supportive and becoming a cyclist widow -Todays 5hr ride took me to a grand total of 104hrs & 40min of training – an average of 7hrs per week with a total distance of 1341 miles travelled!

Jane at for all the weekly training sessions and expert advice to get me up the hills- currently 200ft short of hitting the magic 50,000ft of total climbing!

Simon and Emma for completing the 100 miles last year and inspiring me to do it this year (though maybe I should not thank you until its over!!!)- Simon & Steve (& their wives and families too) for the constant support and encouragement and whom will get me over the finish line in 2 weeks!!

Every single one of you for your kind comments, asking how the training is going, & for helping me raise a grand total of £4375 so far! I appreciate there are so many worthy causes that need vital funds, so it really is very much appreciated.

I can’t thank you enough,

Dave x