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CT Scan Results – Amazing

Even with the rubbish weather, we are having the best Monday ever… We wanted to let you all know that my meso specialist nurse called me with my CT scan results this morning and there is No sign of the Disease! She gave me the medical terminology, so I summarised back and said, “am I right in saying there is no sign of the disease”, She replied “yes, that is correct”. She also confirmed they are the best results possible. We now have follow up appointments over the next few weeks and I will update further. Not to sound negative, but Mr Waller has advised other meso patients that the disease will return at some stage & we assume this for us. But when we think of others who have unfortunately past away within such short timescales due to this disease, I am one very lucky boy, to have these results so early one. Words cannot describe how we are feeling, it’s incredible…

Thank you for all your amazing support, from you all & the fantastic medical teams. In one of my first blogs I mentioned about an army of people with us, and we have certainly felt that love & support over the last 8 months. From the bottom of our hearts thank you.

Lots of love
Dave & Ali xxx

I can Jog, I can Swim!!!

Apologies it’s been a while…

It’s been 10 weeks since the last chemo, which has flown by! Week by week I have improved and many kindly say “You are looking good”! Funny, but no one said that to me before I was ill, haha!!!! I have been very lucky in that I haven’t lost any hair from the chemo, so my appearance hasnt changed that much!

Now current treatment is over, I am focussing on my fitness and diet (well trying to anyway!) Ali has got me on daily Nutri-bullets, I am walking more and more each day, I have exercises from a personal trainer and have signed up to a weekly exercise class run by Macmillan. I will be fitter than pre-diagnosis! Having attended the Mesothelioma conference in May, I was connected to a programme in Manchester which helps cancer patients on recovery. It’s run by Macmillan in partnership with the Manchester basketball team “the Giants”!

I was apprehensive, as I didn’t know what to expect and its part of ‘our new world’ but I have really enjoyed it! One of my aims (subject to medical advice) is to do a 5k run later on this year! Watch this space… After my first session I was able to jog (albeit very short distances in a room), but it felt another hurdle was overcome. Even though it felt very strange (with my left side moving up and down – do they do sports bras for lungs???!!!), it was another step forward!

My symptoms now post chemo are fatigue & tiredness. It hits you when you least expect it, but it is improving. After 8 months of many many drugs it feels so good not having to take any (apart from hayfever medication) and to have a few weeks free of any hospital visits & repeating my date of birth!!! We’ve been able to start socialising with friends again and all be it return home early or sober it feels good. I’ve been able to cheer Josh on at football and take the kids to and from school and swimming lessons etc – again all be it very tiring – it’s just great to do normal family activities – it’s a cliche but never take these for granted!

The Easter ‘holidays’ were very tough, I was on chemo & we didn’t get to spend much time with our kids or have any ‘holiday’. This time during the school holidays, it was great. A colleague at work was very generous and lent us her static caravan for 2weeks in North Wales. It was just what the doctored ordered (even though poor Ali returned home for 3 days to work). Wonderful weather and on the beach everyday bar 2! This holiday consisted of the 3 B’s – Beach, BBQ, & the odd Beer! It’s great to have the taste back, even though I can only manage a few. I have more of a tan than when I go abroad for 2 weeks and I’m almost browner than Ali – another first!!!

During my hospital stay in Leicester last November, a nurse advised that I might not be able to swim again due to the imbalance/ buoyancy of having one lung. Well last week in Wales, I was happy, in a polite way, to prove him wrong & on my first attempt I was able to swim – another hurdle ticked off! Emotions hit us at weird times and I had tears in my eyes in the pool just being able to swim and play games with the kids. It felt fantastic! Ali had her tears on the beach behind sunglasses just enjoying ‘normal’ family life again and pure escapism.

So it’s now back to scan anxiety….CT scan tomorrow, with follow-up appointments on 28th June with Mr Waller (my surgeon) in Leicester & Dr Taylor (my oncologist) on 6th July. We really hope results show no sign of the tumour or at least it’s stable. I will keep you posted!!

We thank you all for your continued support, positivity & generosity. It really makes a huge difference and keeps us smiling.

Love & best wishes

Dave & Ali

Bike Ride Postponed!

Dear All,

Ali here – And they say exercise is good for you!!! ….Some of you are aware that over the last month or so I frustratingly haven’t been able to ride my bike and struggled with walking far/ driving as I have been in quite a lot of pain with the top of my left leg. I was hoping it was nothing and rest would heal it. However, because Dave hasn’t had as many scans/appointments over this last month, I decided I would instead!! Thus, after having various appointments and an MRI scan, I’ve been informed that I have a torn hip cartilage – aargh!!!

I’m genuinely so cross as I like a challenge, I don’t like to think of myself as a quitter & I was thoroughly enjoying the bike training (strange I know!!). I’m so very frustrated and upset but I am having to pull out of the bike ride now for this year. I will need further physio and an operation to heal the tear and given Dave’s circumstances too, we need to ensure that one of us at all times is at least a responsible and active parents – well we can try at least!!!

The experts don’t know how I’ve done it – maybe just old age – D & I are 40& falling apart as a good friend said!😉!

I would really like to thank Kath, Ruth, Nicola, Emma and Cath for supporting me with this challenge and all the training that you have all been doing. At least you’ve all had a new item of clothing out of this – all be it lovely padded cycling pants!! We have agreed we will all still complete this but as a team together, thus we are just postponing the ride until next year. My very good friend Emma may continue though as she is very impressively also competing in the Bike100 in London in July with my brother and a ‘mere’ 60miles for her will be good training!!

We are so very appreciative of all your extremely generous donations – we have already raised £830 which is fantastic – thank you so much. We have contacted Virgin today to see what we can do with the donations but the money is sent every week to the charities. We are therefore so appreciative but so sorry and when we do the ride next year, for those already whom have kindly donated, we will just carry the total over for next year. The donation page has therefore just been closed.

I’m so so sorry for this situation – it’s not an easy decision at all to make. Thank you very much for your understanding and ongoing support.

On a more important and very happy note , Dave has been free from his own appointments for a number of weeks (next ones at the end of this month) and is recovering very well. He is enjoying time with the kids and even following a daily exercise routine which is a first, but I still know he is my man as he is also now back enjoying his beer!!!

Thank you so much
Love Ali xxx