Update 39 Months On

Hi All

Happy New Year!
We had a lovely festive period with family & friends, but the last 3 weeks have been tough on us waiting for results following my first full CT scan in 12months!
It’s always been the toughest part waiting/the unknown! Your mind starts playing games with you and every twinge, cold or change in mood/tiredness you start to think the worst! In fact I have just started an 8 week online Mindfulness course (encouraged by my wonderful wife!), to try and help us through these tougher times!
Well the fantastic news is that the CT-scan has shown no change from 12 months ago, and my oncologist has told me he will see me again in 6months! We are ecstatic! If anyone would have had told me 3 and a bit years ago, following the short prognosis I was given, that I would be on no medication/ treatment, leading a normal (ish life) with 1 lung and I would ‘just’ have to go through the scan anxiety, I would have said – “that would be like winning the lottery”!
Our thoughts go out to all those who are not as fortunate, are more advanced with Meso and dealing with other cancer diagnoses too. Please don’t give up hope, there are plenty of success stories out there and continued medical advances. Stay positive # keep believing.
Thanks again for all your kind messages of support
Lots of love
Dave & Ali xx

4 thoughts on “Update 39 Months On

  1. Great news for you all. Well done to all of you and your positive outlook on life. You are to be admired.Best wishesSue x

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