Stable results

Hi All

It’s been a while since our last update, but in brief my Meso is STABLE!

I had a scan 6 weeks ago to get to the bottom of a blood clot on my splenic vein. After a 5 week delay on results, it was confirmed the blood clot is no longer there and nothing to worry about. 

I then had my 3 month Meso scan 2 weeks ago, and results were reported within a week which is the quickest of all time! They confirmed the nodule near my chest wall has grown slightly from 6-10mm, but as so small in Meso terms they class it as ‘Stable’. The lump on my scar tissue is still present, but as it doesn’t show on my CT scan and I feel well, they are not concerned.  Therefore, back in 3months for another CT scan! 

I feel fortunate I didn’t suffer too much with COVID & my 1 lung, I am now back at work, and everything going well. Holidays and activities booked to keep on making those memories with family and friends and appreciating what we have.

Lots of love

Dave & Ali xxx

5 thoughts on “Stable results

  1. Hi Dave and Ali. Thank you so much Dave for your update and pleased to hear all going ok. We keep thinking of you and you are in our prayers. Hope Ali and Erin and Joshua are ok. Keep us up to date please as we can think more of you and the family. Lots of love Kath and Alan xxx Ps. Hope you enjoy your weekend at Centre Parks and not too much riding bikes xx


  2. That’s a very promising report Dave. Well done you and NHS.

    Peace & Love to you both and all the family.

    John & Gail


  3. Hello David I’m very proud of you.
    Reading your story has brought me some strength after getting my left lung removed in February this year I have many of questions in my head..
    I start my rehabilitation program next few weeks..
    When I read your story an cycling 100 miles woo that gets me emotional
    Thinking of you David and your family

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    1. Thank you so much for getting in touch. Really do hope everything goes well with your recovery. It’s amazing what you can train the body to do. I just see it as I get out of breath quicker than someone with 2 lungs. But if you can put the training in, you can slowly build up to do whatever you want. Recently I walked up a 800m mountain in Lake District! It was tough and it takes me longer than everyone else, but just completing it gives me great satisfaction.
      If you have any questions or just want to chat do get in touch. (
      Wishing you all the best in your recovery


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