Almost 6 years & it’s back!

Unfortunately, the Meso has returned!

In 2 weeks I will be hitting my 6 year diagnosis anniversary, so If you told me then that I would still be here in 6 years time right before my 46th birthday, I would have jumped at the chance! And we are still extremely grateful to have had these last 6 years which is absolutely everything for our kids growing up.

Mid September I noticed a lump which was causing me some pain. The Meso team are great and very rapidly I was seen by my Oncologist. A biopsy via ultrasound and CT scan were booked and so the anxiety waiting game began! A follow up telephone appointment was booked for yesterday, however a call on Tuesday asking me to attend the hospital face to face made our anxiety rapidly rise!!

The biospy has confirmed Meso on my scar tissue, and the CT scan shows a further nodule/tumour in some fatty tissue near my chest wall. We take the positive in that they are only small, and at this stage they are advising no immediate treatment. They will observe the growth and any symptoms over the next 3 months and then have further CT scan!

Yesterday, we felt very relived in that we thought it would be straight into treatment and may have spread to my right lung etc. Today, I am now struggling to get my head around the wait and see part, and would rather be doing something productive to treat it! Something we are going to investigate and think on over the next week!

For fellow Meso patients …. if anyone has had experience of wait & see, or have had treatment for small signs of tumours etc, we’d be very interested in your thoughts thanks…

Sorry for so many of you reading this on FB but we made the extremely tough decision to try and keep it within us this last month or so and not tell the kids/risk them over hearing conversations when we had no facts to tell them. This has been extremely hard as we are very open people and feel better when talking but they had just returned to school & Erin settling in at high school. We did tell the kids last night, they’re aware its meso, which is a cancer, but we’ve said its that small, no treatment is required currently and if they/anyone google’s meso – Dad’s is re-writing the rules on this & has already lived past his prognosis!!

For local friends and those with friends of our kids, we encourage you to be open talking about this with us now and with our kids your kids. It is very hard, there will be tears I’m sure but we will be open and work this through as a family together and with your fabulous support as family and friends.

Will keep you posted. Best wishes

Dave & Ali

19 thoughts on “Almost 6 years & it’s back!

  1. Dave, please don’t wait!! The sooner they treat it the better. We have lost too many to this horrible cancer.
    Praying which ever way you go, God has you in his hands🙏.

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  2. Sorry to hear of its return Dave, but I’m sure with your personal strength and resilience and that of your family around you, it has no chance!!

    Keeping everything crossed for you.

    Take care Pete

    Peter Richardson 07702073155


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  3. Dear Dave,

    So sorry to hear the Meso has returned. We’ll keep you all in our prayers for healing.

    Estelle & Peter from Liverpool.


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  4. So sorry to hear this rotten news Dave, but we’ve seen what a fighter you are so we pray that with your positive outlook & the support of your amazing family you’ll get over this current hurdle. Love to you all.
    Gill & Chris Carmell

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  5. Hi Dave. You’ve fought it once and am sure you’ll beat it again. Wishing you the very best of health & a speedy recovery. Will see you back with the team soon. Take good care and keep smiling. Praying for your wellness.

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  6. Dave – you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Sending lots of positive energy and positive vibes your way.
    It is indeed a tough and testing time for you all, but I know you will beat Meso this time too. Stay strong and keep the faith.
    God bless!

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  7. That is terrible news my friend but I hope it was caught early enough where this can be treated and you will once again overcome it. A lot of positive thoughts and prayers are with everyone for a rapid return back to normal.

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  8. Hi Dave and Ali,
    I know you both have incredible courage far beyond anything I can imagine. Together you will prevail and continue on your amazing path where faith takes you forward. Praying for you and the kids, Roshan

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  9. Hi Dave, Sorry to here this news. You are definitely a fighter and will fight through this just as you have done before! Wishing you health and a speedy recovery. Looking forward to catching up soon.


  10. Sorry to hear this news Dave. Hopefully treatment will keep it under control. My oncologist offered me the “wait and see” approach initially. I couldn’t see the point. Got stuck straight into the treatment and have been going at it continuously for over 4 years now.

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