5 years ago, yet still alive!

5 years ago tonight (aged 39) I was given the awful diagnosis of 12-18 months to live with a disease called mesothelioma. I was very unlucky to get this diagnosis as I have never knowingly worked with/been exposed to asbestos. However,  I feel incredibly luckily and proud today as I am only one of 5% of people diagnosed who survive 5 years or more! 

None of this would have been achieved without:
*Mr Waller and the Medical team at Leicester Glenfield who removed my left lung etc
*My oncologist (Dr Paul Taylor) and Meso UK nurses(Lorraine / Maireed) at Wythenshaw hospital Manchester who have been immensely helpful throughout Chemo and ongoing support ever since…
*Wonderful support of Family & Friends, who have been there for both myself, Ali  & the kids throughout
* My wonderful wife, Ali who has been there with me every step of the way and words can’t describe how lucky and grateful I am to have her by my side.

There has been plenty of ups and downs over the last 5 years, and the last 8 months have especially been tough with the impact of COVID. 

Mentally, it’s been the toughest since diagnosis.  I have felt very anxious, tired, feeling low, lack of motivation, and a “grumpy old man” at times. Having to shield, the extra worry of being highly vulnerable to COVID, explaining to the kids about mesothelioma, reasons why they can’t do certain things with COVID their friends can etc, brings Meso to the forefront. I have struggled & am currently seeing a counsellor to help me through. I am starting to feel better and getting back to my normal self. I just have to keep reminding myself that if you had told me 5 years ago I would be here, alive in the middle of a pandemic & on the eve of my daughters 11th birthday, I would have snapped your hands off!

Our plan was to celebrate 5 years with a big party & fundraising event, but for obvious reasons that’s sadly not possible.  Hopefully one day soon we will be able to.

However in the meantime, it’s my birthday in a few weeks (19th Nov) and we can’t go to the pub etc to celebrate my 5 years. Therefore, I wondered if instead of buying me a present or a pint(or 2 😂), if you could kindly donate the equivalent to Mesothelioma UK? During the pandemic their income has dropped dramatically and they need all the help we can give as cancer hasn’t stopped with COVID!  Money raised goes towards funding nurses to support current and new patients, along with raising awareness and finding that much needed cure for Meso. 

Thanks again for all your support to all of us, it means so much 
Dave & Ali xxx


3 thoughts on “5 years ago, yet still alive!

  1. 5 years! amazing. Congratulations Dave.
    Covid must indeed be a nightmare. But your daughters 11th birthday?!? I’m so pleased you get to see it.
    Happy birthday to you too .
    Thank you for speaking honestly about the difficulty’s with mental health too. Hope the counsellor is helping.
    Nice to hear some good news from the MesoWorld. lizz

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