Spanner in the Works

It’s been a great six months, feeling the fittest & healthiest in years, family trip of a lifetime to Disney & the US, lots of family & friends time, completing 2 amazing 100 Bike rides, and raising a huge £12,763.13 towards the BLF & Meso UK aiming to find a cure.

Well sometimes life likes to throw a spanner in the works, especially when it comes to life with cancer …

Today’s results could have been better, we were hoping for 3 or 6 month scan break, but a lymph node has grown by 3mm to 19mm and is likely the Meso is slowly growing back! However, there was a slight growth & very slight decline earlier this year so for now they will observe!!

Also there are some concerns around my left kidney, but they need to do further examinations to fully understand what this is. It is not normally a common link with Meso-so fingers crossed. We are holding onto the fact that I am feeling well and currently have no symptoms or pain whatsoever.

We have overcome challenges before and we will get through this but just feeling a bit set back again which we have to get use to with cancer! Will keep you updated!

Again if you can kindly be discreet around the kids it would be much appreciated, as at this stage with not having clarity, we won’t be saying anything more to them.

For fellow Meso warriors, Ali & I will be presenting at the conference next Friday, so hopefully see you there!

Lots of love Dave & Ali x

2 thoughts on “Spanner in the Works

  1. Hi Dave & Ali, Just wanting to know that we are thinking of you guys and praying for your complete recovery. Despite the Spanner being thrown we know you stay positive. Our Love to you all Peter & Olive


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