2 Weeks to go

Today was the last “big training ride” before the Ride100 in 2 weeks. It’s now rest and a few short rides to keep the legs ticking over.

There are so many of you to thank on this journey, but just want to mention a few:

My wonderful wife(& kids) for being very supportive and becoming a cyclist widow -Todays 5hr ride took me to a grand total of 104hrs & 40min of training – an average of 7hrs per week with a total distance of 1341 miles travelled!

Jane at cyclebuddie.co.uk for all the weekly training sessions and expert advice to get me up the hills- currently 200ft short of hitting the magic 50,000ft of total climbing!

Simon and Emma for completing the 100 miles last year and inspiring me to do it this year (though maybe I should not thank you until its over!!!)- Simon & Steve (& their wives and families too) for the constant support and encouragement and whom will get me over the finish line in 2 weeks!!

Every single one of you for your kind comments, asking how the training is going, & for helping me raise a grand total of £4375 so far! I appreciate there are so many worthy causes that need vital funds, so it really is very much appreciated.

I can’t thank you enough,

Dave x



1 thought on “2 Weeks to go

  1. Hello Dave and Ali, I used to work with Ali in HR Dept of Adidas uk. Remember your wedding and working with Ali, I retired 12 years ago.
    I was so shocked to see your story on BLF Facebook. So glad you are doing well and can understand your shock on diagnosis, it hits you like a bullet.
    I know because my husband Stefan had a major op to repair an aneurism in his aorta in 2017 and due to him having COPD it was dangerous to have so much anaesthetic but had to be done or it would rupture. Last February at his checkup scan his surgeon noticed a small lesion on his lung and he referred us immediately to chest clinic. After many tests he was diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer and had 20 rounds of radiotherapy. It was such a shock after having his life saved he wondered what had hit him. In September we were told there was no trace of the cancer, relief really doesn’t describe our feelings.
    I hope you are are keeping well, well done on your fundraising and information, it will help so many people.
    Say hello to Ali and good luck to you both and your lovely children.
    Irene Podolanski
    irene.podolasnki@ ntlworld.com


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