Roller Coaster

What a few days it’s been!

We are both very positive people, but we do have our down times, which is expected in these circumstances.

Thoughts of: – Potentially kids not having a dad to support them growing up
– Ali being left on her own
– why me, when I hear there are only 2500 cases in the UK alone, and only a handful of them are my age. I have a better chance of winning the lottery!

But we take so much strength and support from all our friends and family. We have gifts of flowers, concert tickets, match tickets for UNICEF game, and tea being prepared for us. Texts offering all support, (we will be taking you up on them), being taken out for lunch, hugs at school gates, calls to check we are okay, It really does mean a lot.

Today Ali received an email from her Manager and the Global HR Exec, offering continued full support with anything she needs, from time away, to access to global experts in Cancer. One of whom (Global Chief Medical officer for QIAGEN) happened to be in Manchester today (Ali’s first day back onsite) , and his first visit to Manchester in 2 years. He said ” ali when I got the email, I just had to meet you, it’s more than co-incidence”. (Some would say God is at work). He cancelled important meetings to meet with Ali and has offered so much advice, and is looking and researching into all the various trials in the UK and recommending ones for us. He will help & advise every step of the way. One bit of advice from him – i can now go back to the full fat stuff, as I need to ensure I don’t loose weight- winner…..

I had Asbestos Victim support charity visit us today, and Jeff was fantastic. Giving us advice on what benefits we can claim for (I maybe able to get the next room in the house done if ali lets me!!!!) and how we can pursue a Civil claim through a panel of solicitors. It turns out a school friend of ours works for one of these solicitors and he has agreed to help us. We prefer to use people we know and I can do it over a pint (I have a good excuse for a pass out these days….). Jeff also advised the work they do, and I offered to share my blog, and in the new year will attend support groups and help where I can to support others.

Also today we had a lovely visit from the couple we swapped houses with. I text them, and they wanted to come and see me, as they have had a similar experience, it was very encouraging.

We now look forward to a few drinks at the school disco tomorrow night, with great friends and football activities on Saturday.

Next week consists of CT scan and pre/op in Leicester on Tuesday, followed by an appointment at the Alex with Professor Woodcock for his advice. Then let Birthday celebrations commence….

Thank you all very much. Enjoy the weekend…..

Dave & Ali xxxx

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” –Francis of Assisi

20 thoughts on “Roller Coaster

  1. Brave Dave, you are a fighter and most importantly you are not alone in your fight.

    This idea of blogging is fantatstic. We will be able to support your fight effectively.

    In India, it is Diwali festival last two days. It is a festival of light and hope and I am very positive that light and hope will return to you very soon.

    I liked the quote you have put at the end of the blog. I think it is the real path.


  2. To remain positive is hard going, but it is the best way to be to ensure you give yourself the best possibly fighting chance .
    So pleased to see you have and will be embracing all the support you are being offered and will be offered in the future as that again will help you. Will be thinking of you over the coming weeks .
    Ps: love this blog idea ; people can follow you, and understand how you are, what is happening to you, without feeling intrusive.
    Sending positive thoughts your way x


  3. Hi Dave & Ali.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time.
    Keep strong and that quote by Francis of Assisi is a good model to follow.
    Love Roger and Norma.


  4. Great post Dave, sounds like you’re getting some fab unexpected support and advice. Love the quote…actually saw it on a website the other day and thought of you! Enjoy the disco – sorry we won’t be dancing alongside you this week! Much love from all of us xx


  5. Great update Dave. Sounds like you’re getting some fab and unexpected advice- funny the way things happen. Love the quote too; actually saw it on a website the other day and thought of you! Enjoy the disco – sorry we won’t be dancing alongside you this weekend! Much love from all of us xxxx


  6. You are an inspiration Dave and your beautiful wife xx
    Somebody or something is definitely shining on you xxx
    Good luck with everything and have a fantastic night tonight xxx
    God bless . Love Paula xx


  7. Hi Dave, I come here via Jude Henshaw who I guess is a friend of Ness (sharing the link to my blog on the previous post). I so wish there was blogging back in 2000. It would have made a hard time a lot easier to share with the good friends not on my doorstep. I’ve come to writing about it, mostly after the event. I’ve learned so much just writing stuff down, which is clearly an altogether different cognitive expression of what’s going on in my head, at least for me, so keep at it! Journal the hard stuff and then try and finish on a positive.
    You sound amazingly positive anyway and there are some amazing resources popping up just when you need them. No need to be a statistic in your case – You sound like an outlier already!
    Warm wishes, Lisa xx


  8. What an inspirational blog.
    My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your lovely family every step of the way.
    The only way is up.
    Sincerely and with love
    Sue X (Nics Mum)


  9. You have a vast number of friends and family out there supporting you – don’t ever hesitate to call on that support if you need it. Keep positive and never give up! 5 1/2 years ago, my husband was told he had less than 6 months to live, he is still with us due to a miracle drug trial. Every week that goes by, there are amazing developments on cancer treatment options…it’s not easy but you will beat it!!


  10. Dave, Ali,
    I can feel your positive energy and the want to make the journey beneficial to others through the support groups. My heart goes out to you and you are always in my thoughts and prayers. You have motivated me to do more to help those with Cancer.
    My loves and best wishes always,


  11. Hi David and Ali, Thinking of and praying for you all. I see a lot Of God’s hand at work here and I am sure you do too. One step at a time Ah!


  12. Hi Dave, Sharon gives me a daily up date on your progress , but I wanted to send you my very best wishes for tomorrow. Dave M


  13. Happy Christmas to all the Staleys, friends & family – Everton seem to be assisting your recovery by not giving you much of anything to cheer about!
    Take your time to recover bit by bit, it sounds like you can, and will recover in time,
    Enjoy the frenzy of things that are going on around while taking a back seat, we expect you will be up to full speed and part of life’s frenzy all too soon!

    I hope today’s trip to Leicester is a good drive, good appointment, good news and a good return trip for you all!

    On wards & upwards!
    Love & best wishes to you all
    Russell & Sue


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